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Lln-Ⅱ type - slurry mixture load wheel sand tester
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Lln-Ⅱ type - slurry mixture load wheel sand tester

This instrument is suitable for determining whether there is excessive asphalt in emulsified asphalt slurry sealing mixture, controlling the upper limit of asphalt dosage, and determining the optimal dosage of emulsified asphalt slurry sealing mixture together with wet wheel abrasion test. The instrument complies with JtG e20-2011 standard of ministry of communications.
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply voltage :380V motor power :250W, motor power :250W
2. Rubber hardness of load wheel :60-70
3, rolling counter: digital display adjustable
4. Rolling frequency :44 times /min11 times /min
5. Mold test specifications :6.4mm 0.1 mm. 12.7 0.1 mm
6. Transmission crank radius :152mm 2mm
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