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BH-10(20)- type automatic mixer
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BH-10(20)- type automatic mixer

This instrument is manufactured according to various regulations and laws of the ministry of communications JTG e20-2011 standard "test regulations for asphalt and bituminous mixture for highway engineering". Widely used in scientific research, production, colleges and universities, construction and supervision of the laboratory.
Technical parameters:
1. Mixing capacity :10 liters (20 liters)
2, heating boiler temperature range: a room temperature to 250 ℃ (set arbitrary)
3, the temperature control precision: + / - 3 ℃
4. Mixing time: 1-999s (any setting)
5. Rotating speed of stirring blade: revolution: 48r/ min; rotation: 78r /min
6. Power supply voltage :380V heating 3000W
7. Motor power :550W
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