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Type 85 asphalt rotary film oven
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Type 85 asphalt rotary film oven

The box is in accordance with the state department of transportation JTG E20-2011 standards, and reference of the Japanese JIS standard about the standard and the design and manufacture of rotating thin film oven. Suitable for determination of semi solid bitumen in under the action of heated air performance change, this test method is close to in the process of using heating and mixing of the actual situation. In a short period of time to the assessment of asphalt aging resistance, are indispensable for the polymer modified asphalt test instrument.
Technical parameters:
1. Voltage :220V 10%
Heating power: 3.5kw
2. Rotary speed :15r/ min 0.2r, 8 sample bottles can be loaded at a time
3, the temperature control precision: 163 ℃ plus or minus 0.5 ℃
4. Studio size :430 x 410 x 400mm
5. Each test :75min
6. Wsy-10 asphalt wax content tester built into air compressor
The instrument was designed and manufactured according to the standard SH/ t0425-92 (method for determination of the content of petroleum pitch wax). The refrigeration unit adopts imported compressor, and this instrument conforms to JTG e20-2011 standard of ministry of communications.
Technical parameters:
1, the working temperature: 40 ℃ to 25 ℃ -
2. Water bath medium: ethanol
3. Water bath volume :300 x 300 x 280mm
4, the average speed of cooling: 0.8 ℃ / min
5, the temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.5 ℃
6. Refrigeration power :220V and 1.5 pieces
7. Heating power :1 KW
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