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Type 82 asphalt rotary film oven
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Type 82 asphalt rotary film oven

This instrument is suitable for measuring the quality loss of road asphalt film after heating, and can measure the change of the needle penetration, viscosity, softening point and elongation of heating residues, so as to evaluate the aging resistance of asphalt. This instrument complies with jtge20-2011 standard of ministry of communications. (stainless steel tank)
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply voltage :220V heating power: 2.5kw
2, the temperature control precision: 163 ℃ + / - 1 ℃
3. Rotary speed of the test product :5.5r/ min
4. Each test :5.25h
5. Studio size :430 x 410 x 450mm
6. Four samples can be made each time
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