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SY-1.5 (2) D-type cryogenic liquid penetrometer (double screw type)
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SY-1.5 (2) D-type cryogenic liquid penetrometer (double screw type)

This instrument is suitable for various types of asphalt and liquid asphalt distillation residues and asphalt emulsion evaporation residues and other material elongation. Liquid crystal display working status. Has the time display, speed the adjustable speed), the test tries to display and extended, according to the sample can be connected to the printer to print the data. After expansion. Can connect the computer management system. The instrument conforms to the text links of JTG E20-2011 standard, widely used in the production, road construction, scientific research units, colleges and universities, etc. More suitable for the amend drain test.
Power supply voltage :220 soil 10% 50HZ soil 0.5hz
Temperature control range: 0-50 and 0.1 ℃ refrigerating power: 1.2 KW
Heating power: 1.8kw maximum ductility: 150cm: 200cm
Force measurement range: 0-1000n force measurement accuracy :t 0.01n
Extension velocity: 0.25cm/min for 5cm soil and 0.05cm/min for 1cm soil
Overall dimensions :2080 "2580" x 460 x 900mm
Liquid crystal display force curve changes, automatically calculate the average value of the three samples,
Memory test data 6 sets.(adjustable speed)
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