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HZ-15 multi - functional concrete core drilling machine
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HZ-15 multi - functional concrete core drilling machine

This machine is mainly used in construction engineering, highway, airport, wharf, dam and other concrete engineering asphalt pavement drilling machine coring new series of products. It is easy to operate, light and flexible, easy to move, drilling core size is accurate, after drilling the surface smooth. Among them, hz-15 multi-functional concrete drilling and coring machine adopts one machine with multiple functions, which can both cut and grind the core sample. Improved working efficiency greatly, reduce equipment investment.
Technical parameters:
1. Model: hz-15 is multi-functional
2, the biggest drilling core diameter: Ф 150
3. Maximum drilling core depth :400
4. Motor power :2.5kw
5. Voltage :220
6, the maximum cutting (flat grinding) diameter: Ф 150
7. Overall dimension :470x28Ox880mm
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