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Rapid freezing and thawing test chamber for DR-2C concrete
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Rapid freezing and thawing test chamber for DR-2C concrete

The quick freezing and thawing test box of concrete block is especially suitable for the test of cement concrete with high frost resistance. It is applicable to the test requirements of freeze-resistance test (quick freezing method) and gb gbj82-85 for cement concrete with dynamic elastic modulus, mass loss rate and relative durability index as evaluation indexes (t0565-2005).
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply voltage :380V(three-phase four-wire system)
2. Refrigeration power: 2.6kw
3. Heating power :6kw
4, freezing and thawing test: - 45 ℃ antifreeze (the other is enough
5. Test liquid quantity: about 120kg
6. Number of specimens :10 /19 and 28
7, the center temperature of freezing and thawing: 5-18 + 2 ℃
8 and specimen temperature difference between inside and outside: < 28 ℃
9. Freeze-thaw cycle time :2-5 hours per time
10. Freeze-thaw cycles :0-300 times
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