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BYS -5 type standard curing room automatic controller
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BYS -5 type standard curing room automatic controller

Automatic controller is designed and manufactured by our company, which is composed of outdoor air conditioner and indoor temperature and humidity controller. Humidification adopts super power ultrasonic atomizer, refrigeration and heating adopts small imported central air conditioning unit. All of them are transported to the curing room through pipelines, with excellent atomization effect and uniform distribution of temperature and humidity in the curing room. It is the ideal equipment for testing center, fixed large curing room in universities and colleges.
Technical parameters:
1. Power supply voltage :380 v
2. Applicable area :20-60m2
3, the temperature control precision: 20 ℃ + 20 ℃ or less
4. Heating power: 4.5kw -- 9KW
5. Humidity control accuracy: 95%
6. Cooling power: 2.25-3.75kw
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