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Standard SHYB-40A cement curing box
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Standard SHYB-40A cement curing box

The inner tank of this instrument is made of imported stainless steel plate, the spray is made of ultrasonic humidification, the compressor is refrigerated, the double-layer vacuum glass door is equipped with digital digital display intelligent instrument of temperature and humidity, and the micro-printer can be installed.
Technical parameters:
1, the temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.1 ℃
2, the temperature in the cabinet: 40 type a + / - 1 ℃ or less (40 b + 2 ℃, humidity control or less: 95% or greater (adjustable)
4. Working voltage :220V 10%
5. Heating power :600W
6. Refrigeration power :158W
7. Internal dimensions :580 x 550 x 1130mm
8. 40 sets of cement specimens can be placed
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