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JBY - 30B mixed mortar standard curing box
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JBY - 30B mixed mortar standard curing box

Standard curing box for mixed mortar
It is suitable for the standard maintenance of mortar specimens in scientific research and quality inspection departments, and the intelligent temperature and humidity control system is adopted. It can accurately command the functions of rising and falling, mild humidification and dehumidification, and automatically switch the work, so as to realize the dynamic balance of temperature and humidity in the cabinet, and realize the standard environment for the state adjustment and test of specimens.
Technical parameters:
1, the temperature control precision: plus or minus 0.1 ℃
2, the temperature in the cabinet: 20 + / - 1 ℃ or less
3. Power :220V - heating 600W, dehumidifying 158W, cooling 158W
4. Moisture selection accuracy: 3%RH
5. Humidity control range :60-95%RH
6. Volume: 550x550x1150mm
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