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YAW-300 type tear - down and compression tester
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YAW-300 type tear - down and compression tester

It is mainly used for testing the compressive strength of cement samples, and the test method conforms to the requirements of national standard cement mortar strength test method (ISO method) GB/T1761, 1 1999. Equipped with special fixture. Can be used for concrete tear test.
Technical parameters:
1. Maximum test load :300kN
2. Value accuracy: 1%
3. Piston stroke :80mm
4, pressure plate diameter: 155 mm Ф
5. Pressure plate spacing :230mm
6. Maximum size of concrete anti-dismantling test block :50X150X600mm
7. Maximum span of support :450mm
8. Pressure head span :150mm
9, resistance to tear open roller diameter: 3 omm Ф
10. Weight: 50Okg
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